Impossible things we do right away, for miracles you have to wait a moment”!

Unpleasant surprise most often all of a sudden and often – usually in the moments when we cannot afford to that situations. Unfortunately, these moments can happen to you – just when you prepare for Your Wedding Day or The Wedding Party. All seems to be clear, and then it can be moment when … for instance: the printer did not prepared YOUR invitations on time, photographer gave up at the last moment, and the car, which was supposed to bring The Bride and Groom for their ceremony, has been a malfunction.

Your wedding dress is not the same you wanted?!

What then?

We remedy all the problems quickly and effectively – we can seek competent subcontractors, we can handle the changed menu, and we can guarantee appropriate transport, other florist and so forth.

Please contact us by e-mail with a note – S.O.S.