All hats, fascinatory, toques and T-veils are perfect accessory to hair fo the ceremony, wedding or party We especially specially recommend for Mother’s Groom and The Bride, maid, bridesmaid and wedding guests because they add and emphasize validity of situation.

Depending on nature of ceremonies can be crazy, elegant or only gentle addiction. Headdresses in our version are modern, stylish and with character.

Galique – Luxury Hair accessories for women
It is an unique, timeless, handmade in single,
Tribute for people who value individuality, and quite often seek in your own wardrobe „dot the I’s and” …
Perfect finish, high quality of raw material
The brand was established in 2012 years. It has been created by Marta Urszula Galik – the graduate of The Academy of Fine Arts in Łodz.