“A Little Glamour” is a brand that was created for women who want to celebrate moments

A new dimension of convenience

Do you know that not only will your skin be sensitive? What do you say on ballet flats designed for convenience? It’s time for a revolution! Check out the glamour version.

Women’s and children’s shoes “A little Glamour” is a combination of the knowledge and passion of Eliza Flis with the best materials and experience in creating shoes, where we just like to walk. The shoes are made of the finest Italian and Polish leather tanners, with the elaborated hoof, soft padding and all that can give your feet a dream comfort. Over the years, Eliza has been designing footwear for toddlers – her experience of concern for the smallest feet, has resulted in a new product for their mothers – with an innovative so-called: Hooves that do not dent or peel and do not crush your feet!

Comfort is not everything, but elegance counts! Do you want to be a little glamour? 😉


The “A Little Glamour” Shoe is a product made by Polish designer, in a atelier located in Poland with cooperation with Italian specialists. Choose Polish brand!

Quality obsession

Speaking of quality, we do not accept compromises – all women’s shoes in “A little Glamour” are made from the highest quality natural leather.


“KSIS” Brand

The original collection of wedding shoes by KSIS Wedding Shoes “PRINCESS” is inspired by Disney.

But lovers of classics also find something for themselves.

Because KSIS showroom has the widest selection of styles and shapes and colors!

The exclusive KSIS brand has 4 different lines: Glam, Classy, Pure and Boho.

The highest quality materials: goat leather, Italian suede, delicate coloured satin and what our brides love most, that is, hand-sewn crystals.

Each pair of shoes is made with the utmost attention to every detail.

The collection of the “Ksis Wedding Shoes PRINCESS” collection is a collection of the designer duo Badgley & Mischka.