Wedding Day Coordination

Forwhom the Wedding Day coordination is needed?

Today…It is difficult to imagine the Wedding Party without several popular attractions as, for example, Drink Bar, Drink Busy, Photo Booth, Candy Bar, Rural Table, animations for kids…but, without which, previous weddings was take place in.

And coordination service slowly becomes absolutely necessary just like above-mentioned facilities.

Not every couple have to benefit from the offer of wedding organization but each bride and groom should consider take advantage of consultant on so-called Wedding Day Coordination.

Obviously, weddings can take place in … and of course take part in without professional consultant.

The question only sounds if we want to reject our assistance.

What is coordination?/What are the benefits!?

  • Apart from saving the time – The Bride and Bridegroom gain internal peace and confidence that subcontractors rise to the occasion.
  • Consultant takes care of each detail.
  • Consultant checks if all partners are in place.
  • flowers delivery.
  • The Wedding Consultant is the third eye of The Bride.
  • The Coordination relates to the Wedding Day and includes our care to 14 hours within the day.
  • We check if our make up artist is on the spot and works according to the hourly schedule so we can sure there is no problem.
  • The Wedding Consultant communicates with subcontractors up to date during coordinate events, controls state of preparations and monitors their work. In this way, between visit to hairdresser and make up artist, you do not need to check if a wedding vignettes are stacked accordingly, flowers can not wither and everything would be ready on time.
  • Check: if a florist is on the spot on the floor and a church is decorated as well?
  • if car is decorated?
  • if transport is substituted for guests?
  • if tort reaches in full?
  • if transport is substituted for guests?
  • where are Your wedding rings?
  • if photographer is coming to take photos (so-called preparations)?
  • if quartet playing in the church get along with organist.
  • cif photographer and videographer do not fall within the frame of the film…
  • if on the floor everything is in place, including the location of a wedding vignettes.
  • Coordinates communication between manager and music band.
  • Checks planned hours for meals, playing time of music, and length breaks between them (according to previous set contract)?
  • During the ceremonies in the church, we manage guests.
  • We make sure that guests figure out where are given wishes, and if it is expected common photo at the church to avoid dispersed of guests. What is more,the wedding consultant is prepared for each possibility, and in our magical the box which it contains literally everything what will be needed…from needle to tissues which the bride does not keep theirs and the wedding maid forgot …
  • At the end your assistant will account for all subcontractors at the wedding, she ensures returning of rental things – just when you will have to rest from wonderful time!
  • The offer of Wedding Day Coordination we propose to the bride and groom 2-4 weeks before planned date of the wedding. All the spaces and tasks usually will be discussed in a first meeting. Remained things we coordinate remotely. And the price is largely determined by quantities of responsibilities. Remained things we coordinate remotely. And the price is largely determined by quantities of responsibilities.
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