Organization of wedding parties and wedding ceremonies

Cooperation with a professional wedding consultant means:

Time saving. Did you know that the organization of a wedding consumes an average of 270 hours, involving emotions and feelings? Therefore, the biggest benefit of employing a Wedding Consultant is definitely saving time. Regardless of whether you feel insecure in the wedding industry or whether organizing such an event gives you a lot of joy, think about days off at work, commuting in traffic jams, computer evenings, dozens of emails, tedious analysis and negotiation of contract entries. It’s a heavy burden and a huge responsibility, so it’s worth relying on professionals.

Money Saving. It is widely believed that the services of Wedding Consultants are expensive, but at the total cost of a grand wedding it is a small percentage of all expenses. Often, the costs associated with the employment of a professional are paid back taking into account the discounts and contracts negotiated by the consultant. A Wedding Consultant with extensive experience has access to the best subcontractors at prices unreachable for a one-time customer, which is Bride and Groom.

Inner peace. You can enjoy the engagement during the whole preparation period, and on the wedding day you can enjoy the preparations instead of thinking about decorations or placing vignettes. The Wedding Consultant and his team are responsible for everything. This is guaranteed in the contract! Takes over calling subcontractors, sending thousands of emails, negotiating contracts, prices, and additional arrangements. He deals with these most time-consuming tasks to leave you the most pleasant ones.

Priceless advice. The Wedding Consultant knows perfectly well, what is necessary when planning a wedding and party, and what is worth giving up. Due to his profession he follows the latest trends and has a whole range of creative ideas tailored to your budget. He also always has a full range of “plans B”, for example in case of bad weather.

The unique setting of wedding The Wedding Consultant like no other knows how to connect your “crazy” visions and a specific budget, creating an excellent cocktail of experience and long-lasting taste of memories.

What we offer?

    • We coordinate the entire ceremony, taking away duties and stress from your shoulders. We supervise the obligations of all contractors, both at the preparation stage and on the day of the wedding. You will not need to involve your family and witnesses, you will all be able to experience this special day together.

    • Professional Wedding Consultanttakes care of guests and takes care of every detail important to the party’s success. She is like a good fairy who solves all problems on a regular basis, before they even get to the attention of the Bride and Groom. The organization of a wedding with our participation is a prudent and profitable decision – we are present at the wedding until the end.

    • Without the experience of a Wedding Consultant, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of meeting incompetent subcontractors and other people who want to use your potential lack of experience. The consultant will smoothly and collision-free guide you through the hardships of preparing and organizing your dream wedding.

      Our tasks include:

    1. select locations for a wedding reception;

    2. coordinate preparations according to the schedule;

    3. supervise the preparation of the wedding and party;

    4. ongoing accounting for contractors;

    5. plan the ceremony carefully;

    6. create transparent scenarios for all parties;

    7. service during the event: welcoming guests, showing places, take care, providing transport and necessary assistance; supervision of contractors’ work on the day of the ceremony;

    8. ensure the implementation of concluded contracts;

    9. solve any problems – Wedding S.O.S.

What does it look like step by step?

STEP 1 – Meeting

    • we will get acquainted with your expectations and ask you to complete the survey of the Bride and Groom, which will allow us to collect data on your expectations and ideas;

    • we are flexible and try to adapt to your most unusual needs. If you are a couple who live outside Poland and you cannot meet us in person at the initial stage, please feel free to contact us by email, phone, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp. After the first contact, we will send a survey of the Bride and Groom, which will allow us to collect data on your plans and dreams.

    • together we will discuss topics related to the style, character and concept of your celebration in person or by e-mail (e-mail, Facebook, Skype, WhatsApp).

    • we will initially discuss our offer.

    • we will answer your questions and try to dispel any doubts if they arise.

At this stage, the meeting is non-binding and free.

STEP 2 – Offer preparation

    • based on the survey you completed and the initial definition of the concept of your wedding day, we will present you with an offer prepared especially for you.

    • we will discuss the wedding cost estimation and the scope of work we will do for you.

STEP 3 – Contract signing

    • we will sign a contract.

    • we will start carrying out tasks / preparations for your wedding day.

Now close your eyes and think, do you want to be like those young couples who did not experience 100 percent that day because they were too busy satisfying the whole world? We will take care of your relaxation, give you a sense of feel safe and make you remember almost every wonderful moment. Please contact us, we are waiting for you!

Wedding Consultant:

Małgorzata Knopik Skibińska


phone: +48 509 470 684


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