Bytomski / Bytomska Jewellery is the jewellery designer and made by Bogumił Bytomski i Julia Bytomska, a father and daughter, in a common family’s studio.

In the family’s studio we design and do handmade original jewellery of gold, silver and other precious material, always according to personal taste.

,,We live and work near the nature. It is the most important and constant inspiration, source of energy, and a place repose. Therefore each thing created in our studio has features of uniqueness, each is individual piece and differ from other, even if both of them base on the same model”.

Just like in the nature – never repetitive, each creation is an unique.


Everything started in 1973 when Bogumił Bytomski founded his first goldsmith shop in Warsaw. Since that time, untiltoday, with great passion, created an unique, original jewellery.

Several years ago it started another chapter lasting for over 45 years adventure. Daughters joined Bogumił. . In studio Julia is a designer and created person, the graduate of the ASP in Łódź, and with Zuza’s help created new concept for common project in 2013 – the brand Bytomski/ Bytomska Jewellery. Bytomski/ Bytomska Jewellery.