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Hello! First of all, Małgorzata Knopik-Skibińska is a main designer of The Wedding Ceremony and an organizer, coordinator. She is an Artist – Plastic, graduated from The ASP in Lódź. Małgosia is a co-founder Association Inżynierska 3, fashion designer, organizer of events and an animator of culture. Małgosia cooperates with large events’ agencies for ages.


Wedding Bells includes a base of trusted and professional partners: photographers, videographers, make-up artists, hairdressers, florists, musicians, lighting technicians, animators for kids. And as for clothing… we know renowned bridal salons and the best fashion designers: wedding dresses, fashion for men with all the accessories, shoes, fascinators and other decorations for the head.

And also trusted wedding halls, catering and others original brands by which we can make Your ideal Wedding! Have fun!